When has printed marquees preserved their popularity even with the advancement in technology?

With the advancement in technology, you would expect that digital advertising will be the only mode of advertisement used in this era. Almost everyone uses digital devices such as phones, laptops, computers, iPads, and even televisions. However, more and more people, especially business owners, have continued using printed marquees to advertise their businesses.


You may be wondering why these people are not using digital advertising, yet there are changes in technology every day. However, if you encounter any business owner using printed marquees at this error, know that they’re not fools. They know what they are doing, and they may be achieving their objectives by using these printed marquees. You should find out whether they are a better advertisement tool to use so that you can alos begin using them in your business.


When can business owners use printed marquees?

There are different situations in which you can use a printed marquee if you’re a business owner. You have been wondering when you can use these items; think about the following situations.


Trade shows

One of the best times when you can advertise your brand or business is during a trade show. During the trade shows, there are many people interested in your brand attending the trade shows. It’s the best time for you to make an impression on all the people attending these trade shows. The best way to do this is by using printed marquees to draw attention to the services and products you are advertising.



During sporting activities, many people gather together in the locations where the sports events will occur. For this reason, if you want to target the people attending the sports events, you need to use a printed marquee used to do it.


Normal business days

You can use a printed marquee to attract customers and create awareness about your services and products, even on your regular business days.


Why are printed marquees still popular in this era?

Before judging those business owners who are not using more than technology in advertisement, you should ask yourself why printed marquees are still popular in this era. The following are some common reasons why printed marquees have maintained their popularity even with technological advancement.


The first reason why printed marquees are still used even in this era is that everybody can see them. You can argue that almost everyone is using digital devices. Still, when it comes to the printed marquees, wherever you want to target your market, they can see you from wherever you are. For instance, when you’re in a trade show and set up your printed marquees outside the location of the show, every person coming in and leaving these premises gets to see you and notices the products you are selling or the services you are selling trying to advertise.


Printed marquees are a one-time investment. If you decide to use printed marquees for business advertisements, you only require a one-time budget to purchase the printed marquees. Therefore, only one printed marquee will be used every time you advertise your products in any event. This saves your business or company so much money that you would have tried to advertise your products and services using other methods.


Printed marquees have also maintained their popularity because they are versatile, and everyone looks for versatility in whatever they are using. Despite the product you want to advertise, whichever location you will be advertising from, you can use printed marquees, even the type of business you have. This is because these temporary structures offer users a high level of versatility.

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